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March 7, 2012
Something Different!
March 21, 2012

Bring back Pink!!!!

A few years ago the words pink, peach, rose, coral or apricot were design swear words. They evoked memories of the 80‘s Southwestern design period. A period with pink at the helm of style. I grew up in a home with this design style prominent.  I remember my mom went so deep into this particular trend that she commissioned an artist to do two custom art pieces primarily dusty rose in color with some tassels and feathers hanging from these 3D beauties! At the the time however they were stunners. Ohhs and Ahhs came from visitors and serviced the style well. 
All in all it was a period where pink ran supreme and when you are the Queen for so long your empire will fall (as all major design trends do eventually). When it went out, it went out hard. It was no longer an acceptable shade to find ANYWHERE for ANYREASON. Period. No exceptions. 
Now that the dust has settled we can have a little chuckle at designs past and reconsider what wasn’t so bad about this particular era. For me that is the use of pink. I actually love pink. Pink has risen to popularity again and has even become a unisex color found in menswear. If a man can walk through the doors of his corporate office full of confidence in a crisp pink dress shirt why not a throw pillow in the living room? 
Maybe the 80’s have something to teach us after all….

Check out these well done pink rooms by a variety of talented designers:

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