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December 11, 2012
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Lakeside Dream Home
June 13, 2013

Cut the Clutter

Christmas has come and gone and now  we are left with stuff. Stuff everywhere. The kids got new toys, books and clothes. The adults got new clothes, toiletries, electronics, books… Now where do you put everything? I am the queen of no clutter so this poses a challenge for me every year. I want all extras behind closed doors and organized. I have sufficient space to store an excess of things. Yet I still struggle with having what feels like too much. Here’s how I cut the clutter.


Donating makes you feel better about getting rid of perfectly good items. I just imagine that my items will  go to someone who will appreciate and use them much more than I do. You can donate most household items and even appliances and larger pieces. There are different organizations in different cities that accept these types of donations.


I have found an excellent consignment shop that I sell my higher end pieces. It’s a simple process. I take bags of clothes, shoes and accessories and they sell what they can and donate the rest. I make money from this and I get rid of clutter. It’s a win/win especially for me!

Get One / Give One
This is a great thing to start with kids so that as adults they are used to editing their things. If a child (or adult) gets a gift ask them to get rid of something they no longer use. This way you never run out of hangers or toy box space.

Clothes Swap

Have a party with your girlfriends where everyone brings clothes or home decor that you no longer want or need and swap it! One Man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Organize What You Keep

No matter how great you are at getting rid of extras there are still things that need a place in your home. Here are some photos of great storage ideas for different areas of the house:


Add a Storage Cabinet

Display items Beautifully

Apothecary Jars / Urns


Clean up those Cupboards!


Display it Beautifully

Hang it

Use Kitchen Products

Paper Towel Holder / Cutlery Tray



Use Pant Hangers for Tall Boots


Kid Friendly Organizational Systems<

Cute and Fun Toy Boxes

Decor Pieces that Serve Double Duty

Use Shoe Storage for Small Toys

Encourage reading and use wall space instead of floor space with a library that matches any decor

I hope you can de-clutter your house and life for the new year!

All pictures from Pinterest

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