Day 9 ~ Appetizers
December 1, 2012
Holiday Manicures
December 11, 2012

Day 10 ~ Serve It Up Pretty!

It’s important to serve delicious food and drinks at your holiday parties but in my opinion it’s just as important to serve your food in a beautiful way. Today I am going to show you some of my favourite service pieces and ideas.

What to Serve your Food On
Use my favourite colour….White

Here is my serving dish started kit from Crate & Barrel & Zappos:

 Crate & Barrel $19.95 Large Serving Platter

Crate & Barrel $15.95 Chip & Dip Bowl

 Crate & Barrel $29.95 Large Pedestal $52.99  Set of 4 These do double duty as a plate and wine holder!
Crate & Barrel $22.95  Set of 12 Appetizer Plates (These are such a great deal!!!)

Food looks amazing on white. It’s classic and simple. 

Silver or Stainless Steel

Etsy Finds


Crate & Barrel $34.95 Stainless Bowl

Add glamour or an edge to your table with this glossy touch.

Cheese Trays are a world of their own. 
Here are my 3 suggestions
Use Wood
Crate & Barrel $21.95 Wedge Server
Use a Chalkboard Platter
These are so great because you can identify the cheeses and even leave little notes for your guests. This adds some fun!
Use Slate 
ZGallerie $29.95 Large Rectangle Slate Board
Classic and rustic.
Don’t forget beautiful Cheese Spreaders
ZGallerie $29.95 Cheese Spreaders
How to Serve your Food
Serve food on different levels
Pottery Barn $59.50 2 Tier Serving Platter
Ikea $9.99 3 Tiered Serving Plater
Mixing 2 & 3 Tiered platters, cake stands and regular plates allow the eye to see everything you’re serving. Plus it gives the table dimension and will look amazing!

Serve Individual Portions
ZGallerie $19.95 Appetizer Set
ZGallerie $16.95 Appetizer Set
People love it! Individual portions are the perfect fancy touch!
Don’t forget the Drinks!

ZGallerie $69.95 Wine & Champagne Bowl

ZGallerie $39.99 Beverage Apothecary 
Here Are Some Simple but Great Looking Food Displays
I hope I inspire you to serve food in a beautiful way! 


Pictures from Pinterest, Etsy, Crate & Barrel, ZGallerie, Pottery Barn & Ikea.

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