Day 4 ~ Gift giving for the Design Lover
November 29, 2012
Day 6 ~ Planning for the Perfect Party
November 29, 2012

Day 5 ~ Wrapping the Perfect Gift

I am going to start Day 5 by clarifying that wrapping the gifts is my most dreaded task. My Sister is a Christmas-aholic. She decorates her home in classic christmas colours, she cooks the perfect meal and she wraps the worlds MOST beautiful gifts. I will admit that she is better at Christmas than I am. It’s the cooking and wrapping that puts her first; year after year.  In return she expects the same attention to detail when we wrap her gifts. This year I have vowed to join the race for the most beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree. Here are my favourite wrapping ideas and tips accompanied by photos from Pinterest~

Fabric Ribbon makes all the difference

Layer your paper
Add pretty things…more is more
Coordinate wrapping papers
Better than the usual gift tag
Use fun colours
Wrap the gift in a gift
Don’t use wrapping paper

Ribbon Weaving 101


Personalize (I love stamping)


Go Monochromatic (my fav)

My all time favourite gift wrapping memory is from when I was a teenager. My cousin delivered a gift to a family member inside a hockey helmut and then duck taped it to enclose the opening. Ever since my wrapping standards have been fairly low! This year I am turning over a new leaf! 

Happy wrapping!



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