Day 5 ~ Wrapping the Perfect Gift
November 29, 2012
Day 7 ~ Let’s Decorate ~ Wreaths
November 30, 2012

Day 6 ~ Planning for the Perfect Party

Christmas can be a stressful time. Hosting, entertaining and cooking for a group of family and friends can be overwhelming. I adore having a party and I have a checklist that makes planning and executing a party easy breezy!

3 weeks before 

1. Invite guests.
2. Ensure you have all essential serving dishes, cutlery,
   chairs, tables, linens etc. Renting is a great option. I
   also love Home Sense (Home Goods for my American friends) for 
   almost all of your party needs.
3. Make a master list of everything you need to do to execute
   the party. Like this one!

2 weeks before

1. Plan the menu. Including appetizers, entrees, desserts, drinks 
   (both alcoholic and non), and garnishes etc.
2. Plan and purchase the party favours for all guests.
3. Make the perfect Ipod play list for the party.
4. Plan where everyone will dine and how and where you will serve
   the food.
5. Plan the bar location. 


1 week before

1. Purchase the alcohol.
2. Purchase the non-perishable food and drinks.
3. Prepare the food that can be frozen.
4. Create the place cards.

2 days before

1. Clean the house.
2. Polish the silverware and glassware.
3. Get remaining groceries including drinks and ice.
4. Set up the bar.

1 day before
1. Go to the bakery.

2. Prepare any food that can be done ahead of time 
   and refrigerated.
3. Re-organize any furniture to accommodate guests.

Morning of the party

1. Set the table.
2. Chill the drinks.
3. Slice the garnishes for the bar.
4. Finish food prep for dinner and any appetizers.
5. Tidy the house.

Afternoon before the party

1. Light the candles.
2. Turn on the Ipod.
3. Set out the appetizers.
4. Set out the party snacks.
5. Get dressed and have fun!

Tips for taking the stress away

1. Follow this list. It’s a life saver and it will make you feel
   like you are on top of the work.
2. Accept help. When someone offers to bring dessert or a side
   dish say yes. 
3. Relax. Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry! Your 
   party won’t be perfect and that’s a good thing.

For me staying organized is the key to Christmas success! Let your addiction to list making begin (or continue!).


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