Day 7 ~ Let’s Decorate ~ Wreaths
November 30, 2012
Day 9 ~ Appetizers
December 1, 2012

Day 8 ~ Games Night

A family tradition as serious as eating turkey is playing games on Christmas Eve. My family loves each other but being competitive is a problem that probably requires therapy. We are all turning a blind eye to the issue at this point and carrying on with one of the funniest parts of Christmas. I have a list of games that add fun to any gathering.

Battle of the Sexes

This game is better than it sounds. I thought it would be a cheesy boy versus girl bore-fest. It is the furthest thing from that. 

Catch Phrase

I love games but I don’t like to commit to a life sentence of playing the same game for 6 hours. Catch Phrase allows for players to come and go.


The game of bluffing your neighbour. 



I just learned to play crib this summer.

For the Little One’s
For the Older Kids

I love a games night at any time of the year but Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a little friendly (and occasionally unfriendly) competition! 


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